Press Release

US Congress Bill is international recognition for Sovereign Baloch
country, may become a beacon house for other democratic countries,
and may help United Nations to break its silence on Baloch genocide.

Prof. Naela Quadri Baloch

Integrated efforts for strong lobbying to pass the bill are required.

Renowned Baloch leader and President of the World Baloch Women's Network Professor Naela Quadri Baloch has stated that
Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher deserves admiration for his highly valuable bill for a free and united country of
Balochistan to assure security and basic right of Baloch people to live fearlessly. She has thanked him in a personnel communication
and appreciated his great value system having deep respect for human rights, she also expressed her best wishes and full support for
passing the bill in US Congress, this success will have immense effects not only on geography of the region but global peace and
security situation will also be improved due to containing of the most terrorist states Pakistan and Iran by separating Balochistan so
they will lose major resources of oil gas gold uranium and 1700 km of coast in Indian ocean at Strait of Harmuz.

Pakistan and Iran are nurturing religious extremism, provoking hatred and intolerance to provide justification for their own existence as
protectors of Islam but their brutal practices of torturing and killing innocent Balochs have proven that they are not able to be
called humans they are even worse than vampires. Both states are involved in progressing genocide of Baloch people by chemical
warfare and air attacks. More than 8000 Balochs are kidnapped by state forces. Every day we are receiving five to ten mutilated bodies
of our loved ones thrown away or hanged. Hundreds of our innocent women are kept in Pakistan's military rape cells facing heinous
inhuman situation. Prominent Baloch leadership is killed or forced to live in exile. She has appealed to all Balochs to get united and
speed up lobbying with other congress members. This Congress Bill may become a beacon house for other democratic countries and
may help United Nations to break its silence on Baloch genocide.
We all Baloch thank Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and Steve King (R-IA) for introducing this bill,
Recognizing Balochistan’s Right to Self-Determination, but also at the same time we were very disappointed to see the genuine Baloch
leadership were ignored to be taken on board. Appointment of
Hossienbor, an Iranain and a Jundullah Supporter, to testify for eastern
Balochistan was sufficient enough to say that how credible this hearing was besides being just a political stunt as
Christine Fair, one of
the witness of the hearing, called it.

Khan Kalat is not the right person to deal with, as he lacks supports among Baloch Diaspora and back home, in Balochistan.

Baloch, Quetta

February 29, 2012

Faiz Baluch wrote;

Khan Kalat has no support among Baloch people, both inside Balochistan and outside among Baloch Diaspora. The only two person who are supporting him
among Baloch diaspora is Dr. Wahid Baloch and Mehrab Sarjov. Mehrab Sarjov is an Iranian Baloch and according to Malik Towghi, a Baloch scholar and
liaison of Baloch human right International,  Mehrab Sarjov is working for Iranian intelligence. I heard Dr. Wahid left him over his differences on the appointment
of Hossinbor, a Jundullah associate and supporter, to testify at the hearing instead of him. Before that, Tariq Baloch, a Baloch political activist in UK, also left
Khan Kalat and called him a stunt man.

Many people in Balochistan don't like Khan Kalat and his family because of his grand father signing the
document of accession with Pakistan against the
Baloch will. Many of his family members, who are staunch supporters of Taliban,  are still minister in Balochistan Government and enjoying full Pakistan's ISI
and military support and protection. Khan Kalat, like his grandfather, is very religious. According to Waleed Gorbani, a well known Baloch activist in UK,  Khan
Kalat and his family members have called to eliminate Zikiris, a small religious minority group of Balochs in Makarn,  unless they convert to Islam.  

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On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 4:12 PM, Barkat Ali <> wrote:

Once Khan Kalat's grandfahter was asked, Why did you join (an independent State of Kalat) with Pakistan? "I saw Prophet Muhamamd
Sallallahu Alieh Wassalam in my dream, he ordered me to join Pakistan," Khan of Kalat replied.

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