Never trust feudal lords, barons,
says Dr. Wahid Baloch as Khan
ditches him
The man says he worked tirelessly to promote the tribal notable who is said to have used and ditched him reportedly after his need was

Dr. Wahid Baloch Monday said, "All these Khans, Nawabs and Sardars think that all ordinary Balochs are their pawn and tools, to be
used and discarded as they wish."

Dr. Baloch requested middle class Baloch to shun these Khans, Nawabs and Sardars and unite themselves and take the leadership in
their own hand instead of becoming their pawns.

"My example is an excellent lesson to be learned. I absolutely regret what I did for this Khan and I'll make sure I will not repeat this
mistake again in my life," Dr. Baloch said.

Dr. Baloch, who is founder of the Baloch Society of North America says he had promoted the tribal notable the Khan of Kalat Mir
Suleman Daud Ahmadzai as "His Highness" for six years now. He now vows he will not call the Khan "His Highness."

Unlike Mahatma Gandhi of India who left his life of comforts for his people, most Baloch feudals and barons appear adamant to keep
their decadent titles -- nawab, sardar and mir -- and privileges.

Many of them, called parasites of Baloch society, need a "munshi" or secretary even for small tasks.

February 29, 2012

Chasif wrote;

No doubt that misunderstandings and injustices are likely to happen but it is always in a house matter and should be solved with mutual
understanding. Has anyone ever seen the kids calling the neighbours for help in case of differences with their parents? Brahamdagh is
not the representative of whole Balochistan and those who know Balochistan well will endorse my point. His late grand father deprived a
faction of his own clan Kalpar Bugtis and ousted them from Dera Bugti. What does he say about that injustice before showing concern
for ‘Whole’ Balochistan. Everyone knows who is behind the game and soon this insurgency shall die. Insha’Allah —- chasif

Baloch Sardar Watch wrote;

Chasif Sahib,

Your point is well accepted, we at Sardar Watch welcome your concerns for pokistan aka pakistan, it is expected, no surprise. We
completely understand from where you are comming.These sardars controle every aspect of baloch life, be it freedom struggle, be it
parliamentary politics, economic, social, political etc etc etc. Where are common middle class educated baloch leaders?  Did Pokistan
ever thought of promoting middle class educated baloch  to cut to size these overgrown, fat ass, sardars? We common middle class
educated baloch people have 2 enemies, Sardars and Pakistan, while both work together and squeez baloch people, we are denied all
opportunities to develop and take part in development of Balochistan. Our fight will continue and will see the end of Sardars hegemony
in political sphere.

February 29, 2012

Faiz Baluch wrote;

Khan Kalat has no support among Baloch people, both inside Balochistan and outside among Baloch Diaspora. The only two person who are supporting
him among Baloch diaspora is Dr. Wahid Baloch and Mehrab Sarjov. Mehrab Sarjov is an Iranian Baloch and according to Malik Towghi, a Baloch scholar
and liaison of Baloch human right International,  Mehrab Sarjov is working for Iranian intelligence. I heard Dr. Wahid left him over his differences on the
appointment of Hossinbor, a Jundullah associate and supporter, to testify at the hearing instead of him. Before that, Tariq Baloch, a Baloch political activist in
UK, also left
Khan Kalat and called him a stunt man.

Many people in Balochistan don't like Khan Kalat and his family because of his grand father signing the
document of accession with Pakistan against the
Baloch will. Many of his family members, who are staunch supporters of Taliban,  are still minister in Balochistan Government and enjoying full Pakistan's ISI
and military support and protection. Khan Kalat, like his grandfather, is very religious. According to Waleed Gorbani, a well known Baloch activist in UK,  Khan
Kalat and his family members have called to eliminate Zikiris, a small religious minority group of Balochs in Makarn,  unless they convert to Islam.  

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On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 4:12 PM, Barkat Ali <> wrote:

Once Khan Kalat's grandfahter was asked, Why did you join (an independent State of Kalat) with Pakistan? "I saw Prophet Muhamamd
Sallallahu Alieh Wassalam in my dream, he ordered me to join Pakistan," Khan of Kalat replied.

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Feb 27, 2012 at 9:49 PM PST

Ahmar Mustikhan

**He feels cheated.